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Outreach Training: Office Visits

MLS Technology is excited to tell you about an easy way to get training to our members. We now have an online, interactive system to request training in your office presented by our Outreach Technology Trainers.

To schedule your next office visit please go to:

Upcoming Webinar Classes

We will be presenting webinars for the remainder of the year as we gear up for great new training offerings in the coming year. We are still offering outreach training in person and you can sign up for that using our scheduling service above.

Advanced Matrix/Realist 1 hour Elective CE
Nov 28, 2023 10-11 AM

ShowingTime 1 hour Elective CE
Nov 30, 2023 10-11 AM

Matrix Usage 2 hours Elective CE
Dec 5, 2023 9-11 AM

Transactions 2 hours Elective CE
Dec 7, 2023 9-11 AM

Using RPR 2 hours Elective CE
Dec 12, 2023 9-11 AM

Add/Edit in Matrix 1 hour HOT CE
Dec 14, 2023 10-11 AM

CMAs in Matrix1 hour Elective CE
Dec 19, 2023 10-11 AM

MLS Rules & Regs 1 hour Elective CE
Dec 21, 2023 10-11 AM

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